In operated head and neck cancer patients, post operative radiation is mandatory in most of the cases if stage II or higher. During Radiation Therapy if the teeth are carious, can lead to infections during Radiation and may cause halt in the treatment which is detrimental in achieving cure. Also , late effects are ORN(osteoradionecrosis) i.e. Necrosis of the mandible which requires prolonged treatment and sometimes surgery. Also in operated Head & Neck cases, post treatment may require dental implants in the area of flap (insetted in the mouth) for which dental involvement is required.

Dental Rehabilitation

Speech And Voice Rehabilitation

In operated Head & Neck cancer patients especially laryngeal (voice box) cancers, patients have voice and speech disability. This can be improved by counselling the patients preoperatively and helping them postoperatively with voice modifying approaches like electronic voice device, traceo- esophageal puncture for facilitating speech.In other Head & Neck cancers too speech is impaired and patients are counselled regarding various modifying factors to facilitate their speech.

Stoma Care

A stoma is an artificial opening in the abdomen to collect waste (either faeces or urine). Under this process you will no longer use a toilet when you open your bowels or urinate, as any waste products will pass into and be collected in a reservoir bag or pouch, on the outside of your body.The size and shape of the stoma will also depend on the type of operation. You may be advised to eat slowly and not talk and eat at the same time to prevent swallowing too much air, which could cause wind. It is best to carry pouch spares in your hand luggage when you travel. If you are planning a long journey, it is best to irrigate your pouch just before you leave, and again when you arrive.

There are several different types of pouch available to fit over your stoma. They are all designed to fit discretely under your clothing, be easy to change and not leak or smell.It is a good idea to get into a routine for changing the pouch. If you have an ileostomy or colostomy, you may find that at certain times of the day the pouch is more active than at others such as shortly after a meal. Rather than change it then, choose a time when it is relatively inactive, such as first thing in the morning. You won’t be able to control when you have bowel movements but the pouch usually has to be changed twice per day (but this can depend on the type of pouch you use).

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