Welcome to the Asian Cancer Institute Home Care Services (ACI-HCS)

ACI-HCS is been set up with the prime purpose of delivering cancer care at home for the patients who are on treatment or in advanced stage receiving palliation. It is aimed at benefiting the patients, right from the diagnosis of cancer through their difficult journey of their illness and management, through the different phases of the diseases including the end of life phase.

Medical Oncology

Four Main Components of Home Based Care Provision  

1. Symptom Management:

  • Peri Chemotherapy Symptom Management
  • Peri Radiotherapy Symptom Management
  • Peri -Surgical Care &Wound Management
  • Management of Pain and other palliative symptoms such as Nausea, Vomiting,
  • breathlessness,restlessness, lack of sleep, decreased appetite, constipation etc.
  • Management of Anxiety, depression and distress, providing psychological, emotional
  • and spiritual support for the patients and their caregivers.
  • Procedures like Naso-Gastric Tube Insertion, Fungating Wound Management, Foleys Catheterization Etc.
  • Edema Care Measures & Management

2. Supportive Care Management:

  • Management of Disease related Complications.
  • Management of Concurrent illnesses like Urinary tract infections, Respiratory tract
  • infections, Pneumonia etc.
  • Management of Co-Morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiac Disorders etc.

3. Disease Management:

  • We work closely with the oncologist and help to implement the treatment prescribed by the oncologist, monitor its complications and seek advice from concerned oncologist as and when required.

4. Care Of the Terminally ill Patient

  • Patients with advanced illness and poor prognosis will be provided with the symptom control, comfort and support at home set-up and will ensure this phase of their life’s journey is peaceful and dignified.
  • Relatives will be counseled and prepared for the eventualities.

Benefits of ACI-HCS 

  • Improvement in Pain and Physical Symptoms.
  • Improvement in mood, depression, anxiety and distress.
  • Communication of health related information in a sensitive manner to facilitate better treatment related decision making.
  • Continuity of care across all health care settings, “hospital-home-outpatients” with
  • provisions of after hours telephone support.
  • Ensure comfortable, symptom free and dignified care during last stages of illness.
  • Cost saving benefit by minimizing inappropriate medical interventions and needless
  • hospital admission.
  • The medical staffs are familiar to the patient and the caregiver.
  • The patient does not need to be moved to a hospital or hospice unfamiliar to them.

ACI-HCS Services

  1. Post Chemotherapy Symptom Management Post
  2. Radiotherapy Symptom Management Post Surgery
  3. Care and Wound Management Pain &Other Palliative
  4. Symptom Management Procedures like
  • Naso-GastricTube Insertion
  • Fungating Wound Management
  • Foleys Catheterization
  • Stoma Care

     5. Edema Care Measures & Management
     6. Consultation at Home with

  • Psycho-Oncologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nutritionist / Dietician
  • Stoma Care Specialist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Online Consultation

     7. Blood sample collection at Home(+91 8302 321 321)

Medical Oncology 1

The homecare team comprises of a doctor and a nurse. The doctor examines and assessess the patient, sets the medical management, nurse monitors the vitals and instruct the caregivers regarding medicines, the compliance and nursing issues. The psychological counsellor provides emotional support and grievance counselling if needed. After hours telephone support ensures the immediate access to the complaints manageable on phone.

Key Points of ACI CHS

It’s a pre-planned homecarevisits.We do not cater emergency visit.
The visits are performed from Monday to Saturday, between 8.30AM -3.30 PM. The phone/ helpline services are available between from 9AM -6 PM
Out of hours care:
In case of out of Hours care, you can contact

  • The ACI-HCS team (9 AM -6 PM) on -8302 321321
  •  Hospital / Doctor on 022 -5025 5025
  • Your Family Doctor and /or if required, can bring the patient in casualty

In case of emergency:

  • Please contact your
  • Family doctor/ nearest Hospital
  •  Bring the patient in our Hospital casualty
  • You may also call on our Helpline numbers between 9 AM - 6 PM,(Monday- Saturday)

Our Home Care Territory is from
◎ CST -Thane(3km radius)     ◎ Churchgate - Borivali    ◎ CST -Vashi

For Appointment Contact On: 8302 321 321

For Enquiry Call Us at :

+91 22 62771111 /

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