The Department of Medical Oncology deals with administering chemotherapy to patients with solid tumors and hematological malignancies. With major advances worldwide the field of Medical Oncology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Starting from superior anti- nausea medications and better venous access devices to newer chemotherapy molecules and targeted and biological therapies, chemotherapy in the present era is a hassle free experience for the patient. Dr Mubina Tonse and Dr Darshana Rane are avilable full time at our centres.

Medical Oncology

The Department of Medical Oncology at Asian Cancer Institute has a faculty of national and international repute. The patients coming to our center are looked after by the stalwarts of Medical Oncology. We specialize in providing not just excellent expertise in chemotherapy to our patients but also in individualizing care as per the patients need.

Medical Oncology 1

At our center we believe in providing a personalised adaptive therapy to the patients. Important way of personalising treatment is knowing the genetic mutations in individual cancer. We spend enough time with patients on analysing genetic mutations and finding options if any for personalised care.

We strongly believe that individual somatic mutations drive the individual cancer. One special area of interest includes analysing and helping familial cancers. With trained genetic counselors who can meet the needs of patients and relatives seeking answers on hereditary cancers we have a full-fledged Daycare Center for chemotherapy patients with dedicated, trained staff.

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